UWOTW Strategic Initiative Statement



United Way seeks proposals that improve lives by mobilizing the caring powers in our communities. We strive to accomplish our mission by uniting citizens and agencies to plan, support and deliver effective human service programs.

 This United Way only invests in not-for-profit programs directly benefiting human beings. United Way of Otter Tail & Wadena Counties strategic initiatives include:

• Providing resources to persons living in poverty which will remove barriers to success and provide a way out of poverty.

• Early childhood development and early literacy.

• Reducing the stigma of mental health disorders and promoting mental health resources.

• Reducing food insecurities for residents living in poverty in Otter Tail & Wadena Counties.

• Creating awareness of Human Trafficking/Sexual Exploitation in Otter Tail & Wadena Counties and providing prevention education support.

• Working with our communities to uncover childcare solutions.

Individuals served by United Way funded programs will maintain or improve their standard of living, independence, health, and safety. They will experience an improved quality of life by realizing their potential in social, vocational, and interpersonal environments. They will experience stable and/or improved physical and emotional health.

*NEW Community Investment applications will be available January 1, 2024.